Hidden Passage & The Chateaus


Hidden Passage is a 25 Acre Estate surrounded by Sand to Snow National Monument in the Center of the Desert.

For guests over 18 years old, a pass to Hidden Passage Estate to enjoy during your stay at Monument Vista.

The infinity pool at Hidden Passage fed from mountain water feed. The pool is open year-round for poolside lounging in the sun, even if the water is too cold for swimming. Swimming season starts when warms in Spring and usually goes through late Fall. Note: Due to weather conditions, in winter months the pool shade sails may be taken down. Over 18 years old only.

Hike from Hidden Passage into the miles and miles of pristine Wilderness trails where you will never see a soul . . . unless it’s our guests. (Trail map in Apollo Community Center.)

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The Chateaus in the “Center of the Desert.”

Chateaus amenities available for guests staying at Monument Vista.

Availability of the “Chateaus Lodge” which has large dining area, large kitchen, living room and large outdoor patio.

Dog park for the pooch.

Loop Trail Hike; ¾ mile loop: travels along the mountain ridge of the Chateaus that is arguably the most spectacular view in all of the high desert. Go to “Crow’s Nest”, one of our “Panorama Pass Challenge” Vistas. Meanders through a classic, unfettered desert wash.